Heliodon2TM is a tool designed to control energetical and visual aspects of natural lighting in urban and architectural projects.


 Mar 2017 The proceedings of the First International Conference on Urban Physics (FICUP, Quito - Galápagos, 25 September - 2 October 2016) are now available in PDF here.
 Dec 2015 The First International Conference on Urban Physics (FICUP, Quito - Galápagos, 25 September - 2 October 2016) aims to be a founding event for the numerical simulation of cities and megacities, which are facing worldwide critical problems, such as their dual participation - as victims and actors - to the present and upcoming climate changes. The conference will provide an opportunity for scientists from different disciplines (computer graphics, environmental physics, numerical models, renewable energies, urban planning ...) to confront their ideas and methods for the detection and analysis of physical quantities, in order to better manage the development of cities and to meet economic and environmental constraints.
 Nov 2015 Concern: "A 66 line heat transfer finite element code to highlight the dual approach", published in "Computers and Mathematics with Applications", 70 (2015), pp. 2401-2413. From the journal: "To help you access and share your article, we are providing you with the following personal article link, which will provide free access to your article, and is valid for 50 days, until December 17, 2015. Please use this link to download a personal copy of your article for your own archive. You are also welcome to email the link to your co-authors and colleagues, or post the link on your own homepage, Facebook, Google+, Twitter or other social media profile, to tell your network about your new publication. Anyone who clicks on the link until December 17, 2015, will be taken to the final version of your article on ScienceDirect for free. No sign up or registration is needed - just Click and read!"
 Jul 2014 The book « Reconciliation of Geometry and Perception in Radiation Physics», by Benoit Beckers and Pierre Beckers, edited in FOCUS Series in Numerical Methods in Engineering, Wiley-ISTE, 192 pages.
13 Jul 2012 Patch available here. Bugs fixed: PCs with AMD processor not able to run maps computation or import STL models; Windows users with a dot (.) in their username not able to run any maps computation. Note that, if you don't have these issues, you do not need to install this patch.
04 Jun 2012 The book « Solar Energy at Urban Scale » edited by Benoit Beckers (18 contributors) is now available on the ISTE and J. Wiley websites.
8 Sep 2011 Heliodon documentation is available in PDF here.
24 Aug 2011 New version (2.7-03) available. Click this link to download it. Check out all the new features and installation requirements here. The software documentation has been released (accessible via the Help menu or key "?"). It is not yet complete but it contains lots of information on the basic features of Heliodon.
25 Nov 2010 New version (2.7-02) available. Click this link to download it. This new version of Heliodon2 includes several major improvments and changes. Check out all the new features and installation requirements here. A new software documentation will come within the next weeks to describe all these novelties. As for any new version, there may be bugs in this new release. If you find some issues, feel free to report them (use "Report a bug" in the Help menu). If needed, older versions of Heliodon2 are available at the end of the Software section.
04 Sep 2010 The extended abstracts and the presentations of the Workshop organized by the Urban Systems Engineering Department of the Compiègne University of Technology – 25 & 26 May 2010 - are now available on the SEUS: Solar Energy at Urban Scale website.
13 Oct 2009 New version (2.6-01) available (see Software section). As a major improvement, Heliodon2 now includes the solar panel object. It is a rectangular panel that automatically supports a mesh in order to compute the received solar energy. The panel may be rotated around its base (horizontal axis rotation) as well as around a vertical axis. Other improvements: sky factor and view factor maps are computed faster; STL models can be positioned either at a zero elevation, the bottom of the model remains at the height it was constructed, or at Zmin=0, the botton of the model is placed on the ground (Object properties -> right-click menu on elevation).
28 Sep 2009 New section "Howto" added in the Documents page. It will contain tips and examples of the use of Heliodon2. First tip describes how to import a Sketchup model in Heliodon (see here).
23 Mar 2009 New version (2.5-11) available. Added some new features: import STL model as a single model or as several separated domains (STL import), unite domains (STL import), mesh several objects instantly and rename objects (multi-selection), reduced time for meshing simple shapes. 3D movements (rotate/zoom/move) should perform better.
12 Feb 2009 User manual in Spanish and documentation may be downloaded under "Software" & "References" menus.
05 Jan 2009 Heliodon website is now available. Latest version of Heliodon 2 and documentation may be downloaded under "Software" menu. A list of references (publications, courses, ...) and some useful links are also available.